Extra Life Incentive – Rob C

As promised, a Mii in your likeness kicking ass!! This one’s for Rob C, thank you so much for your donation!!




Remember, if you want to get this incentive, hop along to my donation page: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=109813



Since we have such a stellar support group between the team, we’ve surpassed not just our first goal of $3000, but the second goal of $3500.

We’ve since banded together our brains and have come up with some bonus Stretch Goals of fun things for people among the team. If you have more ideas, we’d love to hear from them!


  • $3500 – Joe is playing a session of L4D2 blindfolded :: ACHIEVED
  • $4000 – Joe will play I Wanna Be the Guy with his hands crisscrossed for 15 minutes. Phil will buy something expensive on EVE, and fly it until losing it.
  • $4500 – As much of the team that owns the game, will all play Rogue Warrior multiplayer for 30 more minutes.


  • For every $15 Nancy gets, a Chibi drawing of you awaits.
  • For every $10 Phil gets, you can perma dress one of his TOR characters.
  • For every $50 Jen gets, she will write and record a song from a subject of your choosing.
  • For every $10 Marisa gets, she’ll name a Pokemon after you!